Monday, August 10, 2015


It's officially summer!  Woohoo! 
We went to the club for Memorial Day! My little baby entered the biggest splash contest with the big kids.  He also noticed none of them were wearing floaties on their backs so he took his off and hasn't put it on since! I can't believe I have a swimmer!  They are growing up so fast! 

We found this in our back yard.  I flipped out. I made the girls next door try to kill it.  It was seriously the snake that wouldn't die.  The girls tried, I tried, Josh tried, finally the girls dad chopped it's head off with his pocket knife... Ahhhh

Jenny and Bob came to watch Ava play softball and we went out for pizza after her game! 

First concert in the park of the season!  We always have so much fun at these concerts! 

Love him so much! 

Last day of school for my babies! They've grown so much this year and have had so much fun! 

Class picture! 

Lemonade Stand time!  Jenny and Bob gave them this cute lemonade stand for their birthday! 

Kiki was their first customer and this is how much lemonade they poured her! ha 

Cuties in pink celebrating Farrah's first birthday! 

Our stand was hopping!  We had a little issue with our workers drinking our profit though! ha 

The picture of summer.  Riding shirtless in the neighborhood! 

This one decided he wanted to run home for some exercise! ha 

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