Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Cedar Christmas

Our Elf Amen came back!  He brought tickets for Big Cedar and we were leaving that morning!  He even brought Santa shirts for us to wear! 

They were so excited!  Knox was feeling a little under the weather so he didn't go with us.  I really wish we had taken him because he ended up feeling fine!  Oh well, there is always next year! 

As soon as we got there we had brunch with Santa!

Brooks had lots of things to tell him! He really wanted a chainsaw like his dads!

First Annual Big Cedar Christmas trip! 

The girls hanging out!

Brooks looks a little shocked about the bill! ha 

Next we got to make Christmas stockings!

They turned out great!  Ready for the mantle! ha 

There was even an elf to help us!

Some of the cutest kids I know!

I think the best part of staying away from home is jumping on the bed! ha 

Having fun at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony! 

They joined the band!

My blue eyed babies!

Out on the town for dinner.  Really just at Top of the Rock!

Hey A!  I think there is something behind you! 

Sassy girl!

Campfire wagon ride to see all of the lights!

Time to roast marshmallows!

We love S'mores!

We had such a great weekend with friends!  I'm already looking forward to next year! 

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