Monday, May 18, 2015

February Fun

Gigi, Ava, and I went to watch Walker play basketball! He is so good and we love watching him play!

Jinx, the cat with nine lives.  Thank goodness!

Off to church we go! 

Oh just a quick trip to the grocery store after church that ended in a wrestling match on the floor!  I think they were trying to show off for the little girls sitting on the bench... Oh boys!

Swimming in February!  Weather in Arkansas is crazy!  But we had so much fun!

Popsicle time!

Poor kitty!

One of the highlights of Bob and Jenny's house is to check for eggs! They get so excited when they find one!

Birthday party fun!  The kids had a blast celebrating a classmates birthday!  They had balloon animals and a clown! 

One night we found Ava sound asleep in the hallway.  She made a bed out of Baby Moses's pink convertible!

Ice cream after dance with our friends!  

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