Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun with Friends

Jumping/Wrestling with friends at High Rise!  It's our new favorite place!

A had to take a bouncing break!

Celebrating one of our favorites, Miller!

Skating with daddy!

Haircut day!

Baby Moses needed a trim too!

A learned how to face time on her phone she got for Christmas.  She calls people constantly... She probably calls Brandon twenty times a day. ha 

My snuggle buddy.  He is in our bed Every. Night....

Cinderalla at the Walton Arts Center .  It was so much fun!  They had a ball before they showed the movie!  We met Emory there and the girls had so much fun! 

Baby Madison and Ella came too! 

The boys had a guy day at the basketball game!  

Just destroying Millers house on a Friday night! 

One day Austyn came over to play.  The girls had so much fun! We made cupcakes, painted, played dolls, dress up.  You name it we did it! 

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