Friday, May 15, 2015

February Fun

We had so much fun celebrating Estelle's birthday at the ice skating rink! Ava was my little Nancy Kerrigan!  She skated the whole time and loved it! Brooks did too!  Knox has a bad habit of not wanting to do things unless he knows he will be really good at it so he wouldn't even try to skate! We've got to work on that! 

Brooksy and his friend Hudson!

Pixie sticks as big as my kids...  Not sure why B thought this was a good idea!

Best friends forever!

Ava really wants a puppy or a baby sister.  Since that isn't happening she has made Layla her puppy.  She carries her around everywhere and wraps her in blankets.  It completely stresses Coco out...

She has another baby at Bob and Jenny's house!  Their new cat Jinx

Love these babies!  Even Baby Moses!

My baby girl brought me flowers!  Love her so much!

It was Ava's turn for show and tell at their school!  She got to bring home this green bag and fill it with whatever she wanted!  I didn't help at all!  The bag was bursting at the seams!  She brought clothes, dolls, pretend phones, rocks, you name it, it was in the bag!  She was so excited! 

Razorback Gymnastics meet with Ava's bestie Emory!  These girls had so much fun! 

You can't go to a gymnastics meet and not get a sno cone!

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