Thursday, May 14, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve photoshoot before church!

Love these babies so much!

Doing whatever it takes to keep him occupied while we waited for the service to start!

Love these pictures so much!  Ava fell asleep on Gigi's lap so she didn't make it in any pictures!

I could seriously eat this boy up!

After dinner we had to get ready for Santa to come! Reindeer food time!  

Sprinkling the food so the reindeer could find their way to our house!

Cookies for Santa!

Checking out all the presents before they went to bed!

The elves! 

Knox wanted a train and really fast race car!

All Ava asked for was a real cell phone!

All Brooks really wanted was a chainsaw like his dad's and spiderman toys!

Time to see what Santa brought!

Sleepy heads!

So excited about his new bike!  He jumped right on and took off!

Santa really delivered!

Oh my gosh!  It's a Frozen Castle!  Santa had to search high and low for that thing!

This one was so excited about every gift!

I think this one was a little overwhelmed.... It took her a little while to wake up and get excited about her presents!
Christmas tradition!  Caroline and B making breakfast!

Christmas morning!

I think he liked his monster slippers!

Mrs Claus opening her gifts!

Christmas night at Gigi's!  A had baby Moses and her phone so she was a happy girl!
We had such a great Christmas!  The kids were at the best age and so excited about all of it!

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