Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting January Started

We went to the McCaslins for brunch on New Years Day!  We had to make sure to eat our black eyed peas for good luck! 

Estee came with us too!  She spent the night with A the night before!  It was Ava's first slumber party! 

A went to a frozen tea party to celebrate Caroline's birthday! 

Ava loves the tea at these tea parties!  I think she had three cups!

Cutest cookies at the cutest baby shower for our new Bff Tallulah! 

Ava had a girls day with Gigi and they went to Build A Bear to buy Moses new clothes and then they went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch!  A's best day ever!  Baby Mo got a new winter jackets since it's gotten so cold! 

One day I tried to take a relaxing bath and this little guy came and sat on his toilet right in front of the tub and pooped!  So much for my relaxing bath.  It quickly turned into a stinky one! ha 

We couldn't wait to get cooking with Ava's new Easy Bake oven!  First we made chocolate chip cookies.  Ava even let Knox help a little!  Brooks didn't want to help.  He just wanted to taste the finished product! 

Ta-Da!  They were a success! ha The kids actually ate them! 

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