Thursday, February 25, 2016

Birthdays and Frozen

Happy Birthday Baby Madison! We love you and had so much fun celebrating your big day! 

We loved helping you lick your candles too! 

Fire truck day at school!

Ava and I had the most fun girls day!  We got to see Frozen on Ice in Tulsa with Emily and Vivi!
This girl loves a girls day!

First, Starbucks for the trip!

Next, a fancy girls lunch! 


They wanted to take a picture of us too! 

Cheers to us for being such good moms! ha 

Next up, a little shopping!  

"Mom, I think you need to buy this!  I'll pay for it!"  Gigi and Nana gave her spending money for our trip and she was willing to spend it on something for me!  Sweetest girl ever! 

"Hold up!  This stuff cost how much?!"
One trip to the concession stand and all of her money was gone! ha 
Em snagged us front row VIP seats and they were awesome!

While the girls were away the boys shot guns and did other boy things like that! ha 

Frozen selfie!

Let it go!!! Such a fun day with my girl!

Happy Birthday Baby Madison!  We love a gymnastic birthday! 

Pumpkin Patch day at school!

Baby Madison's mom is much more creative than me!  She bought little pots and let all of the kids plant flowers!  They had so much fun! 

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