Monday, February 15, 2016

The Fairs in town!

Ice cream date with baby Madison! 

The fairs in town and we are ready!  The kids love the "Ride Rides." I think they've heard me say, "Do you want to go ride rides" one too many times! ha 

First stop the stinky animals... They really wanted to take a baby chick home! Not happening!

Cruisin' with their buddy Bryson!

Icee time!  Of course the guy claimed they were out of small cups so we had to buy the large that was as big as Ava!

Kiki came with us!

Oh this boy!

Vivi was at the fair too!  Cutest girls!

Ava got stuck in the fun house and Knox was nice enough to help her out because I was not going in! ha 

I love everything about this picture!  If I ever get around to printing pictures this will be one of them! 

While the kids were on this ride another kid with dark hair that looked like Knox's decided to jump out while the ride was moving.  Needless to say it almost gave us all a heart attack! 

Kiki won us a fish!  We are happy welcome Cece Lillian Dede Elliott to our home! 

Such a fun night!  We can't wait to go back next year! 

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