Monday, February 8, 2016


My helper.  This guy loves to cook!

These two created an entire routine on the trampoline.  It incorporated whip and Nae Naeing and a few flips.  This was the grand finale!

Dressed herself.. She was going for the sporty spice look!

Painting pottery with her bestie!

Silly girls!
Every time A gets a mani and pedi she some how sneaks and ask for a little extra artwork! This day she got a tangerine painted on one big toe and a strawberry on the other... And I got charged an extra $10! ha 


Why are you looking at me crazy?!  Is there something on my face?

Wrapping up summer at the pool!

Blessing of the backpacks at church!  The kids were so excited!

They even had face painting!

A bunch of little cuties lined up at the bar for lunch!  Chicken fried steak coming right up! 

"Oh my gosh mom!  This is so cute!  We have to get it! 

Every. single. night. this little cutie is in our bed.  

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