Friday, February 5, 2016

The end of Summer

Squeezing all of the fun out of summer that we can!  We had such a good summer!  We hated to see it come to an end! 

High Rise fun!

Gigi even got in on the action!

Never too busy to strike a pose!

This guy is a wild man at the trampoline park! 

Building the biggest fort ever!

I had to make a quick pit stop at Sephora for makeup and I got Ava some lipstick.  She clearly went to town with it!  

Gigi said, "Oh Ava, it looks beautiful" and then Brooks said, "No Gigi!  It's terrible!" ha I can always count on Brooks to say whatever is on his mind! 

My angel baby!

My other angel baby! 

Celebrating one of our favorite girls with pedicures!

Love this boy.

Ava pretending to have a broken leg..Knox was nice enough to help her out.  

They said they were building a pool house and a wine cellar.  I have no clue where they get this stuff but I like where there head is at! 

"Mom, John Chester told the teacher I said Oh my gosh Becky look at her butt!  I was just singing a song!"
In the butterfly house at the botanical gardens.  They were watching butterflies mate... It was kind of hilarious to hear the old lady explain to them what was happening... Better her than me! 

Loving and her puppy dog and getting lice.  All at the same time!  Just joking about the lice but I'm kind of shocked it didn't happen.  The fury animals at the mall are starting to gross me out! 

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