Monday, February 1, 2016

Mall Fun and Boys Day

When it's raining and we run out of things to do we go to the mall! 

A rare moment of peace between these too! 

Whoever invented these things is a genius!  My kids are obsessed! 

I can't believe they haven't mowed down an elderly person yet!  They go a little faster than you would expect! 

Right after I took this Ava lost control of her bunny or maybe she just wasn't paying attention and ran it straight into a store and almost knocked over three huge ceramic vases... The bunny's nose literally stopped an inch away from the vases... Aghhh!

Who is this teenager and where did my baby go?!

Ava stayed with Gigi and the boys and I had a boys day (Plus mom!)  We started our day at the botanical gardens!  

It was worm day!  The perfect way to get boys day started!  Doesn't get much more boyish than worms!

Next we went to Antman!  The boys loved it!  They have a new favorite superhero! 

Next we moved on to locomotion!  We love go-carts!

Brooks took this picture of us and I love it! 

We worked up quite a sweat at locomotion so we decided we needed ice cream to cool off! 

Pretending to be Antman and the bad guy! Such boys!

We missed A but she was busy baking a cake with Gigi! I don't think she missed us as much as we missed her! 

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