Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Summers Ending and the Lake

Making Mud Pies!

Teamwork!  He shoots his bow and Knox watches with the binoculars to tell him where to shoot! ha 

No training wheels!

S'Mores at Gigi's fire pit and a fake broken arm! Girl loves an ace bandage!

Riding off into the sunset! And just like that summer is over!

First day back at gymnastics!  This girl is ready! 

This is how we sleep.  Every.single.night.  Mommy needs a vacation!

Good game Bro!

We took a little road trip to Hot Springs to visit our friends! 
First stop the Dairyette for lunch and rock collecting! 

Fishing and talking!

Boat ride to dinner! 

Fun in the sun! 

Just teaching everyone on the boat how to whip and nae name...

Love these three with all my heart!

Beth Anne and Lauren and I met at Greek weekend when we were seniors in high school and planned a weekend at the lake before we started college to get to know each other! We had so much fun!  It's crazy we all ended up in the same sorority and are still such good friends!  It's even crazier that we are back at the same lake with our kids!  We now have 6 kids between us! 

Just trying to get four kids four and under to pose for a picture! ha 

S'Mores are pure bliss!

It was a great weekend with great friends!  Thanks for having us Scott, Lauren and Londyn! 

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