Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Digging up bugs or some other boy thing like that! 

Girls day!  Getting it started with Pedi's

Then lunch with the girls!

Baby Sawyer turned two!  We had so much fun celebrating him! 

So much fun! 

This cowgirl is too much!  Love this girl!

Fun night with friends and no kids!  

I had to bring them to the dentist with me for a teeth cleaning... Knox was very interested in all of the gadgets!  He might be a dentist one day! ha 

B and I snuck out of town for the day to go see the Eagles!  It was so much fun! 

Going to concerts together since 2001!  My gosh we are getting old! 

I took the most fun calligraphy class!  Thanks for inviting me Allison!  My handwriting is horrible so I was a little worried but it was seriously so much fun! 

Date night with B and Kenny Chesney!

B and I with Kenny back in the day!  We go way back obviously! ha 

Fun date night! 

Ava at swim lessons... Is it normal for a four year old to like to lay out?!

Brooks jumped in the pool during his swim lessons when his teacher wasn't looking and somehow his chin hit the top of her head and busted her head open! She had to get stitches!!! We all felt so bad so we brought her a bottle of wine! 

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