Monday, February 17, 2014

Cell Phone Pics

Go Hogs Go!  They passed out free pom poms at the game and A was in heaven!  

My Cheerleader!

My big boy!

For Christmas I got B tickets to see William Shatner at the WAC.  We had a fun little date night! 

Ava got a tea set for Christmas and we have had sooo many tea parties.  She sets the table (or floor in this case) and gives each boy a napkin and a plate.  We fill the tea kettle with water and pass out little cookies! They love it! 

Just a little Spring shopping with Brooks!  I had the best day with him!  We went shopping, went to lunch.  It was the perfect day with my boy!  And what you are seeing is correct... Those are 3-6 MONTH swim trunks that are falling off of him! That's one of the reasons he got to go shopping with me!  It's so hard to find shorts and pants that will fit him!  He wears a 3t shirt and tiny baby shorts! ha 

I think we were stuck in the house for two weeks in January because everyone was sick and kept passing a virus around!  I even got it!  When we were finally ready to get out of the house we went to watch Walker play in a basketball tournament in Springdale! 

A obviously picked out her own outfit!

Posing with our favorite player after the game!

Brooksy is Walkers biggest fan! 

After the game we all went to eat pizza! 

Pizza and hanging out with Walker?! These boys were in heaven! 

On your mark, get set, go!  We met Noah at Lake Fayetteville to play and to do a little racing! 

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