Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 2014 (one day early)!  Every year we go out with our friends for New Years Eve Eve!  It's so fun and more importantly we are all able to find sitters because no one goes out the day before New Years!  This year we went to James at the Mill.  Everything was delicious and we had fun!  New Years Eve night B worked of course and I went to a friends house and got to stay for approximately forty five minutes before I got a phone call that Knox was sick and hell was breaking loose at the house! 

A few of the boys!

New Years day we wanted to get a little fresh air so we had a picnic in the back of daddy's truck and rode our bikes and scooters at the school.  It was a little cold so we didn't last long!  We can't wait for Spring!

A and I went on a little shopping trip!  She loves pushing her own cart and filling it up with snacks! ha 

She even unloaded it all by herself!

These little cuties went to Hunters birthday party and had so much fun!  They went on a hayride and loved it! 

They got to feed ducks too! 

They rode ponies too!  


Of course his favorite thing about the party was the four wheeler!

My little team playing at the Penixes! These are their favorite PJ's ever!

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