Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cell Phone Pics!

I feel like it snowed for six weeks straight.  If we weren't stuck in the house because of the snow we were stuck in the house because we were sick.  We were going crazy!  I was going crazy, they were going crazy... Our house was a disaster too! 
I pulled out every trick I had to entertain them!  

We started with painting! 

We had several tea parties..

We even decorated gingerbread men we had left over from Christmas!

We made snowmen too! 

We ate gingerbread men too! 

and candy!

Everyone worked so hard on their gingerbread men!

I think they turned out so cute! They were missing a few body parts but so cute! 

We even went swimming!  
Swimming in the tub and wishing it was summer!

Miller turned three and we helped him celebrate at his bowling party!  It was our first time to go bowling and we were all so excited! 

They were really into the game!

It was so cute watching all of the tiny's bowling! 


Gigi was there to help Miller celebrate too! 

Only pink balls for A!

Are they not the cutest little bowlers you have ever seen?!  Brooks was having a moment.  Excuse him.  We had so much fun at Millers party!  Happy Birthday Miller!  We love you! 

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