Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday to the blog

I can't believe I've kept this blog going for three years.  There have definitely been moments when I wanted to quit (this year especially) but when I go back and look at pictures and read old posts and my blog books I am so glad I kept writing!  Our babies are growing so fast.  I wish I could record every second of every day!  This blog just skims the surface of how crazy, wild, exciting, and fun our lives are right now!  I'm so glad I have our special moments recorded forever! 

So, happy birthday to M & B plus three!  I think I deserve a present or something.. Right?!  This is a little glimpse of the first post I ever wrote.  I was living in Little Rock with Caroline, pregnant and so so clueless!  Oh, if I only knew then what I know now! ha  

It is actually laughable that I am going to try to blog... I am not good at things like this. I have had a nice camera for 2.5 years and have not printed one single picture off of it. I'm also computer illiterate.. I was on myspace for about 2 months and during that time I managed to post my entire wedding album on all of my friends' pages. oops! I'm hoping this will be different! Fingers Crossed! If not, I think I will hand the password over to Caroline and she can be my blogger! She is the writer in the family so there would be fewer typos and misspelled words for sure! The only reason I'm even attempting this is so the trips will have some record of their lives! I definitely don't see myself sitting down cutting out construction paper for a scrapbook! This has to be easier! Right??? So please be patient. This could be my one and only post or maybe I will surprise myself and post every day! haha-that was a joke.

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