Tuesday, February 4, 2014

December Cell Phone Pics Part 2

We couldn't wait for Kiki to get in town for Christmas!  We went to Gigi's house as soon as we could to welcome her home!  She got Brooksy a new tractor book!  He loves to read!  Especially tractor books! 

Is it odd that their favorite thing to do at Sam's is to go look at the chickens?  As soon as we walk in they start yelling "Chickens!"  

This might have to be my new go-to drink!

B and I took Ava and Brooks out on the town!  We had pizza (their favorite) and went to a Razorback game!  Knoxie had a slumber party with Gigi! 

A was so excited to see the pig! 

Pig Sooie!

Every morning I am instructed to wrap them tight like a burrito and turn on Mickey.  So I do! ha They look so cozy! Oh and Ava has to have a hat.  That means she wants a blanket over her head.  She just wants her eyes peeking out! 

The girliest tomboy I know!

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