Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Years Resolutions!

This should probably read, "New Years Goals or plans or wishful thinking... "

Read More-I love to read.  Why don't I do it more?!  Oh yeah, the three two year olds running around my house.  That might have something to do with it. ha! I'm really going to work on this!  My first day of our vacation last year I read non-stop for 3 hours on the beach during nap time and I strained my eyes and had a headache for the rest of the trip...  That's pathetic. My goal is 8 books this year.  A random number but a realistic goal.  I've already read one book! Mindy Kalings book.  She's hilarious.  Next up are the Divergent books! I'm hoping to finish before the movie comes out!  I better get started.

Work out more-Who doesn't have this on their list?! I hate working out.  Hate it.  After I do it I feel good though.  Maybe this will be the year that I turn into one of those people who loves working out and can't go a day without hitting the gym.   Doubt it.. Really I just want to not cringe when I see my bank account every month.  I'm paying way too much money for absolutely nothing!  I don't think I've stepped in the gym in three months...

Cook More-It's soooo much easier to just eat out.  I don't have to buy so many groceries, I don't have to do the dishes or clean the high chairs, I get out of the house...  The list goes on and on.  But, for some reason my kids like the food I cook.. They eat better and I know exactly what's in their food.  It might also be a little cheaper.  I actually like to cook and try new recipes.  So I think my goal should be to cook 3 nights a week.  Or maybe just eat at home for three nights a week (even if it's cereal).  

Take more videos and use my real camera more-During the holidays I used my big camera for lots of our activities and I loved the pictures.  I am able to capture so many more of their cute expressions and faces.  And maybe if I ever decided to print any of the pictures they would be clearer and better quality.   I've got to use my video camera more too.  The only reason I don't is I don't know how to download the videos from my camera to my computer or a dvd.  Chris has given me a million lessons but I always seem to forget because I don't do it enough.  I'm really going to work on this.  They are just too cute and funny to not video!

Play More-I feel like I spend so much of my day cleaning, cooking, breaking up fights, and not enough time playing.  When I do try to sit down and play, someone needs a drink, needs a diaper change, etc.  You get the point!  Today we had a tea party and painted pictures together.  It was fun.  We need to do it more!

Host More- I love having people over.  Why don't we do it more?  Maybe the kids, maybe because my house is always a complete disaster?? Who knows.  Whatever the reason we need to entertain more!

Travel More-There are times when I get so sick of sitting in this house!  I really just need a change of scenery!  The kids are the same way.  There are days when they say, "Mom, lets go bye bye"  five thousand times.  I feel ya kids!  Sometimes it's just not that easy!  I really do want to try to take more trips, even little weekend trips.  I knows it's not always easy, the packing is a bitch, the kids don't always nap and get cranky, but it's always an adventure and we always have a good time!  I have a few ideas of places and things to do this year!  I hope they work out!

Stay organized-After Christmas I went through a crazy OCD moment.  I literally cleaned out every closet, drawer, and room in our house.  It felt so good and I couldn't stop!  I changed all of the batteries in our alarm sensors, cleaned out the garage, hung pictures, organized baby books, created a wrapping closet, and made a huge garage sale pile.  Now if I can just keep it up!  The problem is it's just too easy to throw extra junk into random closets and forget about it.  I'm really going to work on this one!  I might not have the energy to clean out all of these rooms again in six months!

Use my phone less-My phone is definitely my "free time."  It's my one guilty pleasure.  When B comes home from work, during nap time, and before I go to sleep I love to sit and do nothing and check my phone.  I check my e-mail, read Us Weekly online, check the weather, check Instagram, check my calendar, look over my to-do list, and return any texts or calls I haven't gotten around to.  Usually in that order too! ha It drives B crazy!  I sent him a screen shot of a greeting card that said, "There is no one I would rather lay in bed and check my phone with than you."  I thought it was hilarious and so perfect!  Every night, I'm on my phone and he is reading on his iPad.  We are a really exciting couple! ha  I need to make more of an effort to not be so dependent on my phone!

Create a Diaper Free Zone-Ava is diaper free and has been for some time.  The boys... Not so much.  I think Brooks has used the potty maybe twice in his life.  I honestly don't mind them staying in diapers but their school does mind.  They can't go to school in August without being potty trained.  Since I have no interest in home pre-schooling they are going to have to learn.  It's time.  I'm dreading it.  Seriously dreading it.  I do hope they wear diapers for a few more months so I can get more Pampers Rewards points.  I need 500 more points to get a free Plasma Car.  I'm not joking.  I have 5,500.  The Plasma Car is the most expensive prize you can win..Three years and hundreds (actually probably thousands) of dollars worth of diapers and all I have to show for it is hopefully a plasma car.   I guess that's better than nothing.  I'll be sure to post a pic if we ever win it!

Finish Ava's Nursery-It's time.  And yes, I do mean nursery, not big girl room.  It was never finished.  I have way to many empty frames on the wall...

There are a million other little things I would like to work on or do but I don't want to overload myself! ha I think these are a good start!  Happy 2014!  I hope this is our best year yet! 

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