Monday, February 3, 2014

December Cell Phone Pics

My baby girl! I love this picture of A!

They are all in the no cavity club!  They had a great check up and acted like such big kids!  Ava loved the glasses of course! 

One morning Amen brought popcorn and the movie Elf!  If we watch a movie they demand popcorn! We just can't watch a movie without it! 

This is the perfect example of a typical Ava outfit!  

I love a baby in a beanie! We had to break out of our house when it snowed so we went to Chuck E Cheese! 

Pizza Time!

I love watching them dance with Chuck E!  I think they have memorized the routine.  I actually think I have too!

This is what my entry looked like for a week straight.  I've decided I hate snow....

My blue eyed boys!

Date night at Meiji with my cuties! 

They organized a little game of baseball.  Notice the cheerleader on the sidelines!  She cheered her heart out for her brothers! 

The kids think pomegranate seeds are candy.  They love them.  Knox was walking around with a full bowl, tripped, and dropped it on the floor.  They went everywhere!  I wanted to cry.  I knew if they stepped on them I would have red stains everywhere! Now candy is only allowed in the highchairs! ha 

The faces this girl makes kill me! ha She is so animated! 

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