Monday, November 17, 2014

Bid Day, Soccer, and the last day of Summer!

Cali went Kappa and we couldn't wait to go to Bid Day and congratulate her! 

We took a tour of Maple and made a stop at the Tri Delt house to congratulate Lauren's cousin Suzanna! Ava was in heaven! 

Our last stop was at the Chi O house!!!  
Ava and one of our favorites, Day! 

I can't believe A could be on this lawn in 15 years!!! 

She made herself right at home in the tv room! 

The 2014 Blue Dolphins!  Do they look like winners or what?!

Ava is finally, officially on the team!  She even gets her own uniform! 

I could kiss his little cheeks off!

She needed a little water break! 

My babies took one for the team and did the cold water challenge for their mommy after the game!!  We've done a lot of cold water challenges lately!  

We spent one of our last days of summer at the splash pad with Kiki!  We are so glad she is back in town! 

We had so much fun! 

How silly is this boy?!

Welcome back Kiki! 

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