Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kid Quotes...

Ava-"Only boys go to work"
Ava-"Umm did you hear me?" She was talking to her dad and she said it with lots of attitude! ha 
Ava-I asked her to do something for me and she said, "No problem mom!"
Brooks-He was talking to Knox and he said, "You are wearing me out!"
Ava-"I want Anna and Estee to come to my house for a sleep over!"
Brooks-"Mom, I don't want to go back in your tummy to grow!  Can I just crack out of an egg?"  He is terrified he is going to have to go back in my tummy so he can grow into a big boy!  I don't know where this came from! 
Brooks-"Can you help me put this on sweetie?"  He wanted me to help him with his SpiderMan costume!
Brooks-If you ask him his name he says, "Cheeto Fondue"  Every single time!
Knox-He is such a little sweetie.  He got a ring out of a machine at a restaurant and immediately gave it to Ava!  He will be a good husband one day!
Brooks-He saw the Statue of Liberty on tv and he said, "Hey!  Look at that statue!  We should get one for our yard!"
Knox-I asked him, "How did it go?" and he said, "It's going.."
Brooks-We were in Carter shopping one day and there was a cute little girl shopping with her mom too.  Brooks went up to her and asked her to go to the ballgame with him! The mom came up to me later and said, "Your son just asked my daughter on a date!" ha Little Romeo!
Brooks-"Stop Coco!  You are wearing me out!"
Brooks-He calls McDonalds the "French Fry Store!"
Ava-"God made this paper"  This girly loves church!  
A, B, K-When the boys are wearing their costumes Ava calls them by their super hero names.  She says, "Hulk, be careful.  Spiderman, don't shoot me!"  Brooks said, "Hey Ava, it's just me, Brooksie Fondue Cheetto!"
Knox-Knox picks flowers out of our yard every day and brings them to me to put in a vase.  He has the kindest heart!
Ava-She told Brooks, "Okay, you need to calm down!"
Ava-"Boys are yucky and I'm not yucky.  Girls not like boys!"
Brooks-On 9/10/14 He faked sick for the first time!  He told me his tummy hurt and he needed to stay home with mom or dad and watch Mickey.
Knox-He was made at me and he told me he was going to tell the dogs to bite my nose.. ha
Ava-"Mom, let me wear that necklace!  It really cute on me!"
Brooks-"I'm just frustrated mommy!"
Knox-"I can't buckle myself in because I'm too cute"
Brooks-Any time he gets in trouble he starts crying "Ow Ow Ow!" When I ask him what hurts he says, "My feelings!"
Brooks-When he gets mad he says, "I'm going to throw you in the mud and step on you!"
Brooks-He can be very descriptive.  He told me he really needed, "A big donut with lots of sprinkles!"  He told Gigi she needed to make him "Cupcakes, with icing, and sprinkles on top!"
Brooks-"This is insane!"
A, B, K-The kids were all in my bathtub and I looked over and Ava was feeding the boys bathwater with my foot scrubbing pumice thing. I said, "Oh my gosh!" and Brooks said, "Oh my gosh mom, you just need to go away!"

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