Monday, November 10, 2014


Happy Birthday Sawyer!  We had so much fun celebrating his first birthday! 
He even had a train at his birthday!  The kids loved it! 

A with her girl Vivi!

Happy Birthday to you baby Sawyer! I can't believe he is one!  I feel like he was just born! 

Ready for church! 

All boy! 

Picking tomatoes and gathering eggs!  Just another day at Bob and Jenny's! 

One morning I was feeling a little under the weather and this little angel baby got his stethascope so he could take care of his mommy!  He is the sweetest little angel baby!  I can always count on Knox to help! 

Going to the deer camp with dad can be really hard work!  Ha Brooksie must have worked extra hard because he fell asleep on the way home! 

The kids always like to make sure they have the appropriate clothes on for every event.  This is their deer camp outfit!  Everything camo is "deer camp"  to them! 

Our Sunday best!

Ava takes our order whenever we go out to eat.  She takes her job as a waitress very seriously!  She says, "Okay, what you want?"  She hasn't started asking for tips yet thank goodness! 

Walking the balance beam getting ready for gymnastics! 

Whoever invented clear Sno Cones is a genius!  Now if they could just make one that is clear and not sticky!  The kids are so sad the Sno Cone stands are closed!  Brooks has been asking for snow a lot lately! ha 

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