Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Happy half birthday baby Everly!  We were so excited to celebrate Everlys half birthday with her!  She looked so cute! 

Jennifer made Everly's outfit and it was precious! She made the cake too and it was super cute! 

Cake Time! 

The kids were in heaven!  They got to go for rides on the lawnmower and see a tractor too! They even got to ride in Chris's old bronco that he got running! 

A wanted to help Jennifer drive! 

Picking flowers for her mommy!

The kids were obsessed with the bird bath!  I don't think they had ever seen one in real life!  They couldn't wait for a bird to come take a bath! 

We had a rainy day so we pulled out some old stocking stuffers that we haven't played with yet!  They loved the tattoos!  Brooks said he wanted them to cover his arm!  He wanted a glitter tattoo sleeve!  That makes me a little nervous! ha 

And we built a castle with play do... This is our castle!

We had a boys night one night and went to dinner in Rogers.  Knox slept on the booth at PF Changs the entire time we were there! 

He woke up when we got to Fast Lanes and it was time to play!  

The boys had so much fun!  The big boy included! 

We ended our night playing laser tag!  White shirts aren't the best thing to wear for laser tag!  I will have to remember that next time!  I do love this picture of these sweet boys though! 

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