Friday, November 14, 2014


Bob and Jenny babysat one night and let the kids make their own pizzas for dinner!

They did a little craft project too.  

My little artist! 

While the kids were crafting B and I were celebrating Tressa and Ben's engagement!  It was such a fun party! 

Love these sweeties holding each others hand while they sleep! Being three is hard work! 

I got to spend lots of quality time with this guy this summer while the other two were at speech!  We had lots of coffee dates at the "Coffee store!"  I could just eat him up! 

I love this little guy! 

Summer fun at Chuck E Cheese!  Bob stopped by to play some games too!  I think Ava might have won this game! 

Riding on a roller coaster (Kind of) in the middle of Chuck E Cheese! 

This boy was in heaven! Riding in a big truck with one of his favorite girls! 

Anna has a fun mommy!  She got on the hamster wheel with Brooksie and Anna! 

Sweet friends!

I think they rode this horse five times in a row! We will miss Anna so much next year at school! 

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