Monday, November 3, 2014

Fourth of July Party

We went to Bob's for his annual fourth of July Party!  This is our official picture!  We take this same picture every year! 

Of course we had to check for eggs as soon as we got to the party!

The chicken's did not disappoint!  They laid eggs!

A little putting practice before the party got started!

Dinosaur picture time!

Just chatting with our buddies!


Love these guys!

Love these girls!

Girl Pic!

It's not the fourth without a little watermelon!

They started out sitting down to listen to the band.

That didn't last long!  They were on the dance floor in no time!

Ava loves the fact that she always has two dance partners ready to go!

These kids kept the dance floor packed!

I love this picture of Ava!

Time to watch the fireworks!

The boys loved the fireworks!

This is how Ava watched the fireworks! 

Daddy helped Brooks and covered his ears!

Love this girl!

Sparkler time!

Brooksie and Bob breaking it down!

Go Boys!

We ended the night with a hug from our buddy!

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