Friday, November 7, 2014

Hiking and Nini's House!

I pulled out my Chaco's from college one Saturday.  I literally hadn't worn them in almost ten years!  I'm actually glad I saved them! ha I had to send a picture to Brandon! 

B had to work so I took the boys to do boy things!  We were going hiking at Devil's Den.  This guy had all of his accessories on and he was ready to go but he fell asleep on the way there! ha 

Mid Hike!  Of course their mommy's made them stop for a picture! Such cuties!

Always's ready to pose!

They had so much fun!  I think Ava would have loved it too! I didn't even hate it!  It was really pretty out there and we didn't see any snakes!  We might have to take another trip in the fall! 

Fun at the waterfall! 

Emily and I helped Mark celebrate his birthday!  It was such a fun night!

The kids have been asking to go to Nini's house for a while now so we finally made it happen!  They were so excited!  We drove down one morning and Walker came over to play! 

We blew bubbles on the patio!

Brooks sat in Nini's leopard chair with her leopard pillow and said, "Look!  I'm Nini!" I love this boy! He is hilarious! 

Slip and Slide time! Nini has the best hill to slide on! We use to do it all of the time when I was younger! 

So much fun!  Thanks for playing with us Walker and thanks for letting us come play Nini! 

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