Thursday, November 6, 2014


Sprinkler day at speech therapy! The kids loved it!

Brooksie loved that he finally got a turn at speech!  He wants to go sooo bad every week and he finally got to!  He was in heaven!

We might not ever give Gigi's jeep back! 

More sprinkler day fun!

This is how we sleep these days...

Ava went to a princess dance camp this summer!  She loved it!  They got to wear their princess dresses and decorate crowns.  She wanted to be tinker bell!  It was super cute!

Fun at the Botanical Gardens!  They were putting lady bugs on leaves!  I'm glad they like touching bugs because I don't! 

Brooks wanted to take his lady bug home!  So he did!  He put it in his pocket and kept it there all day!  

Checking on the chickens.  

A lady was picking potatoes out of the vegetable garden and she let the kids help!  They had so much fun!  It was like a treasure hunt!  I might make B plant some potatoes in our garden next year! 

After we left the Botanical Garden's we went to Gigi's new house to put our handprints in her sidewalk!  The boys loved watching the cement mixer and playing in the dirt.  Now every time we pass a cement mixer on the road they ask if it is going to Gigi's house! 

Our last stop of the day was at the library to see animals!   They got to see lots of animals and even got to touch a real snake! 

I can't believe they weren't afraid!  They must take after their aunt Kiki!

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