Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chicken Finger Friday!

John Daly came to our liquor store for a visit so I brought the kids by to eat peanut m&m's and drink diet coke with him... Just kidding.  They just had the m&m's!  They had no clue who he was. ha 

The kids got to go to a Chicken Finger Friday at the Chi O house!  They were so excited! 

Love them!

Chicken Finger Friday has changed a lot!  It was packed!  I couldn't believe how many people were there!

The cutest bunch of future Chi O's and Chi O boyfriends!

940 West Maple!

Mommy's old room! 

Moms old top bunk in the 8 girl attic!  I think Ava is ready to move in!  I still can't believe I liked in a room with seven other girls!  How did I ever get sleep?!

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