Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Donut Date with my babies!  These kids can put away some donuts!  

They love planning parties/activities/dates.  They usually tell me their plan and then they say, "Doesn't that sound fun momma?"  Love them! 

A, B, and K are obsessed with school buses!  I think they would die if they ever actually got to ride on one!  Watching their besties get off a school bus is the next best thing.  One day we went to Presley and Estelle's house to watch them get off the bus after school!  The kids were so excited because it stops right in front of their house!

Waiting patiently!

I think Estee was excited to see her friends too!

Estelle is Ava's best buddy.  Ava doesn't seem to notice that Estelle is 4 years older than her!

I made a family block for the kids classroom.  I put pictures of all of their family and pets on it!  I love this block!  B thinks we should hang it from the ceiling when their class is done with it! ha 

Some days are easy and some days not so much... This day wasn't a breeze to say the least!  I had to take Ava to the doctor and the boys had to tag along.  Right before we walked in Brooks peed his pants... I had no extra clothes in my car because I usually don't need them!  This never happens! But on this day it did.  So...I took him in the doctors office in pee pants...  Then they told us I had to take Ava to the Children's hospital clinic in Lowell right after that.  There was no way I was taking the boys for that appt. So luckily Sarah came through and picked up the boys for me!  My friends are the best!  Oh and Ava had to get her heart checked out because she has a very fast heart beat but her EKG was normal thank the lord! 

Sarah even bathed them!  Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen?  I love this picture!  Such cuties!

Parties with friends.  Martha had a party at her house and it was so much fun!  Even though I see these girls all the time usually we have our kids with us and we never get to complete a sentence!  Adult time is always nice! 

Our sleeping situation is still out of control.. Obviously.  We find kids all over our house at night.  Knox comes to our bed almost every night.  Sometimes he doesn't make it all of the way to the bed and we find him sleeping on the floor in random places... It gets crazy over here at night!

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