Friday, January 30, 2015

Bad to the Bone-Trike Rally

The Kid's school has a Trike Rally every year that races money for St Judes.  It is one of my favorite activities!  It is so cute! They get to dress up in biker gear and bring their bikes! 

Cutest bikers I know!

Showing off their tats!

Snack time before they ride!

Of course Ava is in the drivers seat! ha 

Their cute class! 

Their class raised the most money for St Judes so they chose Knox to put a pie in Cathy, the preschool directors, face!  He was so excited! 

My proud boy! 

Next it was time to ride! 

They had the cutest stations set up for the kids.  They could wash their bike, fix it, get tattoos.  So cute!  

Knox took his bike repair very seriously!

They finished the day with popsicles while they watched the policemen ride through the parking lot on their motorcycles!

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