Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kid Quotes..

Brooks-His memory is unbelievable!  We passed by a First Security bank and I guess he recognized the logo and he said, "Can dad borrow Mr Adam's jeep and take me for a ride?"
Ava-"Mom be careful at your friends house.  You fall down, then you get dirty, then you have to take a bath." I was on my way to a party wearing heels.  I guess she doesn't see me wear them that often! ha
Ava-"Ooh stinky!" Me-?Did someone poop? Ava-"Yes (pointing to Brooks) This guy!"
Ava-I told her she wasn't wearing what she had on and she needed to change.  She said, "This not cute?" Me-"Yes, it's cute you just need to wear red to the Razorback game. Ava-"Why?" Me-"Because I said so" Ava-"Well I'm wearing this because I said so"
Knox-He always wants, "Lots of some!"  That means a lot!
Ava-Ava and Brandon were watching football and she started yelling "Hit Him! Hit Him!"
Brooks-"Mom, meet my horse Little Beef"  He named this little plastic horse Little Beef and he takes him everywhere and talks about him constantly!
Brooks-I asked him if B fed him breakfast and he said, "Yeah, a mom donut" It was an English Muffin.
Brooks-We were walking in their school and I was wearing my uniform (yoga pants, t-shirt, flip flops) and Brooks saw a mom walking out that was dressed for work and he said, "Oh no mom!  You forgot to get dressed!" ha
Ava-Ava was trying to get Knox to do something bad (They were filling up a cup full of water and dumping it in plants that were overflowing with water already) so I said, "I'm going to count to three. One, two"  Ava covers Knox's ears with her hands so he can't hear me count and he would keep filling up the water for her! She is such a mess!
Brooks-I said, "Do you want a time out?" and he said, "My Gigi said no timeouts and no spankings"

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