Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Go Hogs Go!

We enjoyed the last few patio days of the year!  

My blonde baby cheering on the Hogs!  

We took a trip to Dumas and Brooksie got to feed the horses at Pickens carrots! 

While we were in Southeast Arkansas we got to visit baby Hayes and baby Ford too!  We were so excited to see our friends!

This girl got a big girl bed! She was so excited about her new bed!  It's not quite finished but she loves sleeping in it every night!  

School started and so did all of our after school activities!  The boys aren't always excited about going to dance with Ava but they love getting ice-cream after!  

I want to just kiss those little cheeks!

He is his fathers child...

Brooks tried to rally and come tailgate but he didn't feel great so we had to send him home!

Every time I turned around Ava had talked someone into giving her a Sprite.  I think she drank a 6-pack before the game. 

Watch out Ava!  

Love her!

There was a serious game of football going on before the real game started!

She loves her daddy!

Poor Brooksie was sick and missed the fun!  We missed him!

These two stayed pretty close to the food table!  They love tailgating!

My girl!

Ava is such a good mommy! She loves helping Sarah with baby Scarlett!

This boy is 100% boy! I guess the days of grass stained knees are here!

Celebrating Claire and her sweet baby!   We love football weekends because so many of our friends that we don't get to see that often come to town!  

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