Thursday, November 15, 2012

Go B Go!

Brandon has been training for this race for months.  Maybe not training for it for months but talking about training for it.  It was always his excuse when he wanted to go ride.  He would tell me he had to be gone for three hours because he was training.  Whatever!  On the day of the race the weather was terrible!  It was cold, raining, sleeting, just bad!  I had planned to take the babies to the finish line to watch them come in but when I saw the weather I decided we should go get donuts with Karrie instead! ha I felt so bad for B and the guys!  I would have quit after five minutes but that's probably why they were in the race and not me!  Gigi offered to watch the babies so I could try to make it to see the big finish!  When I got to the race site Carter and Steve had already finished!  I snapped a picture of them warming up by the heater though!  They said Brandon and Brock should come in any second but they never came and never came!

Finally we spotted them!  That is B in the black!  Apparently they had taken a wrong turn on gone a few miles out of their way!  Poor guys!

And here they come into the stretch! 

68 Miles completed!  Way to go B!

Brock crossing the finish line!

I made them pose for a picture at the finish line!

I'm so proud of all of them for completing the race!  It was the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association.  B got to wear a red jersey since he has diabetes!  
They are talking about taking this little hobby on the road!  I would be more then happy to travel along to watch them race as long as the races were in fun cities and I got to shop!!  They are also recruiting lots of new members to their little biker gang and B's spandex collection is out of control!  I know he loves it though since he gets up at 5:30 in the morning to ride!  

Next he thinks he wants to train for a marathon!  I'm feeling lazy! ha 

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