Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ladies Man

Is it normal to have a girlfriend when your 18 months old?  Every time I drop Knox off at school a little girl is waiting on him and they kiss...on the lips!  Sometimes she kisses Brooks too but usually it's just Knox.  I was walking away the other day and I heard the little girl say, "Who's that?" and the teacher said, "That's your boyfriend Knox!"  He is such a little lover boy!  

Apparently he has a wandering eye though because he's tried to kiss a few other girls too!  Madeline was at our house for dinner the other night and he went in for a big smooch.  Brandon said Madeline told him "No!" and then when he kept trying to kiss her she said, "No" again a little more forcefully!  Her daddy should be proud!  Brandon said Knox needs to learn no means no!  He also tried to kiss Estelle at a birthday party a few weeks ago.  He followed her around with his little lips puckered up!  I guess he likes older woman! I'm starting to get a little jealous!  I don't even get kisses that often! 

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