Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Pics

First time out....  It was a Friday night, B was working until midnight so I was doing the night routine all by myself.  I was in the kitchen scrubbing high chairs and trying to clean up their mess from dinner and Ava wandered in the kitchen with a pair of pj pants draped over her shoulder.  I knew right then that they were about to be in trouble.   

This is the mess I found.  In the corner they went! 

I love a tree covered road.  Especially during the fall! 

Taking the dump truck for a spin.  Brooks was riding it first and Ava squeezed in front of him.  They got stuck like this and I had to rescue them!  Then I noticed it said in big letters "Do not ride on toy"  Oh well! 

I found purple cauliflower at Harps a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to cook it for the babies!  It tasted like regular cauliflower to me and I don't even know if they noticed the color difference!  Still pretty neat!

I snapped this pic of B while he was giving me a speech about his new gun.  He was taking it apart and showing me all of the features.  I think he was just so excited about it that he wanted to talk about it with someone and didn't care if I was listening or not. 

I made these.  They will be much cuter monogrammed but I am still pretty proud of myself!  Sewing is not easy!  Oh and these are supposed to be the same size.  I used the same pattern, I just don't know what happened! ha 

He changes shoes five hundred times a day.  Now that he can put them all on himself there is no stopping him.  This day he was wearing Ava's new leopard Uggs.  I think the liked how the fur felt on his toes! ha 

Ava is obsessed with coffee!  She always wants a drink!  Sometimes I give her a taste when it cools off and she goes crazy!  It took me years to like the taste, I can't believe she already does!  

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