Friday, November 9, 2012

Important Dates

August 13th-Ava said "Cake" at Jack's birthday dinner.

August 16th-Ava said "Pink" to Lauren!

August 27th-Brooks started saying "Freckle" and he points to the freckle on his leg.

September 27th-Brooks has started saying light and pointing to the lights!

October 1st-Knox said "Sorry" He hit Ava in the face so I made him!  He wouldn't look at her when he said it.  He turned his head the other direction and muttered it! Such a mess!

October 4th-Knox started saying, "What's that?" and "Who's that?"  He hasn't stopped saying it since then!

October 6th-Ava said "Oh Sh**!"

October 19th-First real Time Out.  They pulled all of their pajamas out of their dresser so they all had to stand in the corner! 

October 22nd-Knox said his first sentence.  He said, "Oh no momma, I got it"  So proud of you Knox!  He is definitely the talker of the bunch! 

We have a dvd that teaches colors that they watch in the car a lot.  They have all started saying all of the colors.  Ava says almost every color is "Ellow" Brooks yells at the screen when they get to purple.  He gets mad and yells, "Bwue! Bwue!" It's pretty cute!  He also calls the video Bwue!  As soon as we get in the car he points to the screen and yells "Bwue"  I guess we know what his favorite color is! 

They are started to say so much now that's it's hard to keep track of it all!  Knox has started calling Brooks "Brother", Brooks told Ben Penix, "I toot" when he really did toot!  They all talk to Coco constantly!  We listen to them talk to each other in the mornings on the monitor and Knox always yells for Coco first and then Mommy!  They can pretty much repeat anything I say.  I need to do a better job of writing it all down! 

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