Monday, November 12, 2012

Mr and Mrs Hackney!

A few weeks ago we all went to Little Rock for Olivia's wedding! It was Ava's big debut as a flower girl!  I drove down Saturday night for the rehearsal dinner and my mom and Brandon brought Ava down Sunday morning.  B called me bright and early Sunday morning to tell me as soon as they put Ava in her car seat to leave she started throwing up everywhere!  She also had a really high temp! I figured she would sleep the entire way down so I told them to go ahead and bring her to the wedding!  Poor baby was so sick!  She did not sleep on the way down and she was not happy when she got to the wedding!  We gave her a pacifier and hoped for the best!

Caroline, Ava and me before the wedding!   

Ava and her daddy!

This picture is a good indicator of Ava's mood that day!  

Ann and me.

Aunt Lauren and Ava! 

Even though Ava isn't looking at the camera I love this picture!  She looked so cute in her little dress and headband!  I wish I had a picture of Ava and Jack together!  They looked pretty cute!  Jack did a great job walking down the aisle but Ava wouldn't leave Gigi's arms! She just wasn't in the mood to perform her flower girl duties!  

Mrs Hackney!  Olivia looked so pretty!  Her dress was gorgeous!  Now she needs to move back from Houston so I can see her more often! 
I wish we could have stayed at the wedding longer but when Ava threw up everywhere and all over Gigi we knew it was time to load up and head back to Fayetteville! 

The next morning I took Ava's temperature and it was 104.6!  I took her to the doctor bright and early and he told me her little ear looked terrible!  I think she is just one of those kids that gets a lot of ear infections and has high fever with them. It's crazy to think she had never taken any medicine until a few months ago and I think she has been on three different antibiotics since then!  

Ava is going to get the chance to redeem herself this weekend because she is in another wedding!  Her brothers will be with her this time!  Hopefully it will go a little smoother!   I might start them all on a preventative round of antibiotics just in case! ha

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