Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Cell Phone Pics

A special game day breakfast B fixed the babies!  I think he overestimated their appetites! 

Where's Knoxie?!  He found a blanket and a cozy spot and decided to take a cat nap!  He is such a snuggler!

This girl was seriously stressed out!  She was trying to get her baby doll in her stroller and it just wasn't working out for her!  Now you know how I feel Miss A!

He strips down all of the time!  I will go in his room after naps and all of his clothes will be off!  Sometimes his diaper too which is always fun! ha On this particular day he only managed to get a sock, his pants, and half his shirt off! 

The cute shirts Emily made!  Ava is going to wear hers to her Halloween party at school! 

Bundled up and ready to play outside! 

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