Monday, February 2, 2015

Football, Fall and Disney on Ice

We went to the Fayetteville High School football game to watch our cousin John who plays for North Side!  

Some of our friends came too!
  Knox stole a little kiss from Vivi.  This boy loves babies!

She had a front row seat for the cheerleaders and she loved it!

These two hung with the big boys all night... Or tried too at least!  I think they thought they were 10.  

Selfie time!

Future Bulldog!

Our girl Estee was there too! 

We got to see Alex and Stacey too!  The boys love playing with Kecko!

One Sunday Ava and I were feeling spontaneous so we threw on clothes, called our buddies and drove to Tulsa for Disney on Ice!  We had such a fun day! 

Ava got to ride a school bus shuttle.. That might have been her favorite part of the day!

A with her "New best friend Emory" as she calls her! 

Testing out Emory's $30 toy! ha Emory was nice to share because I wasn't buying one!

I did spring for a $15 snow cone! ha These Disney shows aren't cheap! 

Cuties riding the bus!

They had a little too much fun!  They passed out as soon as we got in the car!

One day Knox wanted to help me clean so I gave him a sponge and he cleaned every little spot he saw  on the floor.  He's always been my biggest helper!

We have a pumpkin patch right by our house!  At Harps! ha The kids had so much fun picking out pumpkins for our front door!

They had fun arranging them too!  They rearrange the pumpkins multiple times a day! 

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