Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back from the beach!

Apparently we all felt like we needed to work out when we got home from the beach! 

"Mom, I'm wearing lots of necklaces tonight so I will look like a movie star and people will say, "Hey Girl!  You look good!" 

Fireworks at the crosses!

Mr Red White and Blue!

White snaking Jess's work car!

Turning it up!

Playing Barbies is hard work.  She wakes up and dresses herself every morning before the rest of us are even out of bed!

Party Time!  One of our besties Noah turned four and we were there to celebrate!  His momma throws the best parties!

Giddy Up!

These little guys are such good friends!

I love this picture of Knox so much! 

S'Mores and summer!  Nothing better!
I love these momma's so much!  I don't think I could raise my kids without them! 

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