Monday, January 11, 2016

Rosemary Beach Day 1

I'm really going to try to catch up here!  I haven't posted anything in five months!! I decided since we were starting to plan our beach trip this year it was time to post the pictures from last year!  I hate that I am so behind!  I won't be able to remember the funny things the kids said and the things they did!  Oh well!  At least I have one million pictures to document their lives!  These pictures are from our trip to Rosemary beach in June of 2015! 

Knox looks like such a baby in this picture!  Our kids are pretty good car riders!  Thank goodness!  They did pretty well on the way to the beach! 

As soon as we got into town we headed to the beach!  Of course!  Ava insisted on wearing her pink high heels.. Whatever you want girly!  They might not be the most comfortable in the sand but whatever!

A sandy booty at the beach is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!  Knox ran straight into the ocean with no fear but Brooks and Ava were a little hesitant at first! 

I love this picture of my boy because he looks so big! He loves the beach so much and seriously talks about it year round!

No fear. This kid scares me sometimes!

Time to build sand castles!

And bury Knox!

Oh this boy!

Like I said, No fear...

Wedding watching time.  There was a wedding right outside our balcony and it was fun to snoop! 

We had a quick dinner at the little restaurant on the corner in Rosemary.  It was pretty good!  

Love this picture so much!  

Time to run and play on the green since we were stuck in the car for a while! 

My girl!

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