Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rosemary Beach Day 4

We woke up and headed to Alys for a little animal show.  It was pretty cute.  The kids got to pet lots of different animals!

They are way braver than their mommy!

I have no clue where Brooks was this morning... Probably watching tv and snacking if I had to guess...

Vivi came too!

We stopped at the donut truck for a little breakfast too! 

Beach time! Oiled up and ready to go!

Oh Ava!

Beach bound!

Too cool for his own good!

She's got her shovel and she is ready to go to work!

Baby Sawyer came to the beach too!  We had so much fun with all of our friends being at the beach with us! 

Bonfire time!  Since so many of our friends were at the beach with us we decided to all get together for a bonfire!  It was cut short because of rain but while it lasted it was fun! 

She loves her Knoxy so much!

If I printed out pictures and framed them this would be one of them!

Seeing what the bonfire was all about!

Knox loves Londyn and Londyn loves Knox.  I think Lauren and I might be related one day! 

Fun on the beach!

So much fun to have my best friends together in one of my favorite places!

B looks good with a baby in his arms!

Thank goodness I met Lauren at Greek weekend when I was 17!!!

Our official Rosemary 2015 family pic! ha 

Hot dog time!

Monsoon/hurricane party time!  There was a twenty percent chance of rain and about thirty minutes into our bonfire it started pouring.  Not like a little rain like a monsoon!  We all grabbed whatever we could get and ran.  We made it to the Pearl and hung out in the lobby!  We drank beer while the kids ran around wild and waited out the storm!  B didn't even make it to the Pearl. He got stuck across the street and a nice couple invited him up to their room so he would have a place to wait! It was a little insane but fun!  

Dancing in the lobby!

We finally made it back to our condo and the kids went to sleep and b and I snuck out for a date night!  The night started out a little rough but ended up being so fun! 
Sleeping in the magic bed... Our room had a fold out couch and they thought it was the coolest thing they have every seen!  They called it the magic bed and loved sleeping in it every night! 

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