Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Summer fun

Is there something on my face?

Going for a ride!  The kids have been burning up the neighborhood on their bikes and cars!

Mom and Dad feeding baby Alive.  That damn baby pooped all over the house!  Baby Alive needs to get potty trained asap!

One, two, three, jump! 


Working hard for the money!  Would have loved to see the look on the customers faces.. This kid is my worker.  He loves to go to work with his dad and he helps so much!  The other two... Not so much!  Knox would seriously scrub toilets if I asked him to! 

We were so excited to try out the new Amazeum!  It is seriously the neatest place and we are so glad we have it in Northwest Arkansas! 

Frozen dance camp!  These girls are ready! 


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