Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Summer Fun

More softball pics!  The last huddle of the season! 

Everyone plays softball in a big bow right?

Ava headed to her first babysitting job at Liz's house!  Really she just went to play with baby Madison to keep her busy but I didn't tell A that!  She was so excited! 

The Barbie obsession started this summer.  Knox occasionally will play with her.  He usually plays the role of the bad guy or the zombie.  Brooks refuses!  He will have no part of the Barbie play time! 

Porter had a fireman birthday party and it was so fun!  It was pouring rain the whole time but the kids never even noticed!  The firemen sprayed their hose and the kids loved it! 


Happy Birthday Porter!  We love you! 

We had an inflatable swan for about 2 weeks until it bleached to white and got a whole in it's wing! ha Maybe next year! 

Our yard has been taken over by snails and the boys are loving it!  I find jars of snails all over my house!

A night on Dickson with Gigi!  We had dinner and tried out Burton's creamery!  It was pretty yummy! 

This thing did not disapoint!

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