Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rosemary Beach Day 7

Attitude for Daysssss

Five minutes later she's happy!

He picked her flowers on their walk to the beach.  They are seriously like an old married couple sometimes!

We couldn't leave the beach without digging a hole to China..

Team work!

Last day at the beach family pic!

Saying their goodbye's to Stevie.  They are going to miss her so much!  

Especially Brooks!

Bye Beach!  See you next year!

Knox and I were the last two left standing on the beach.. We took our time going back to the condo! We had to make one last Sugar Shak run too! 

Cutest little tan line I have ever seen! 

Date Night!  We all got sitters and went out on the town!  We started with drinks at the Pearl! 

My Boo.

Love these people so much!  It was the perfect way to end the best week at the beach! 

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