Monday, January 25, 2016

The Fourth of July

We started our 4th of July off with a Neighborhood parade! The kids love a good parade!  
Knox didn't get to go because he was still recovering from his burn! 

Patriotic Girls!

Game time at the club! 

And more popsicles!

Our official fourth of July pic!

The two most patriotic people at the party! 

The majority of the night was spent making a giant birds nest with their friends!

Love this of A and the melons!

He picked his sister lots of flowers! 

Getting ready for the fireworks!  He might be holding his ears a little prematurely! 

Watermelon and the fourth of July just go together! 

The girls!  

Tattoo time!

Checking out the goods!

Love the Ooh's

and the ahhh's!

My girls!

Fun party Bob and Jenny!

And they are out!

Celebrating the fourth is hard work!

Where in the world did my babies go?!

We finished the week of the fourth off with Ava's softball tournament! 

Her biggest supporters!  These brothers had just as much fun playing together as their sisters on the field! 

She got a medal!  Ava is all about a medal or a trophy!  The girl lives for the metal! 

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