Thursday, January 28, 2016

Golfing and Fun in Monticello

Ever since the kids went to golf camp they have been asking to play golf.  One evening we took them out the country club to play!  
Our vintage ball! 

Ava even got in on the action! 

She was more into driving the golf cart like a mad woman though! 

And posing for selfies! 

Serious concentration going on here! 

Golfing is hard work! Time to play with friends!

Bob got a new toy and brought it over to show us! 

The kids thought it was pretty neat! 

Frozen dance camp finale day!  Showing off what they learned!  It was pretty cute!

Ava was in a great mood! ha Lots of cute Elsa's

We took a road trip to Monticello to visit friends!  
It's so crazy to see my kids swimming in the pool I grew up at!  I feel like I lived at the Monticello country club when I was their age! They seemed to like it just as much as I did! 

Tricks for days!

We made a quick trip to Dumas to visit Nana and meet Baby Sawyer's ponies! 

These kids love a pony ride! 

I love them so much! 

We couldn't leave Monticello without stopping at the sno ball!  I still think they have the best sno cones! 

Silly girl!

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