Friday, January 15, 2016

Rosemary Day 5

Coffee time (really hot chocolate)!  She's seriously a 21 year old in a 4 year olds body!  

Then a little shopping!

It was a little rainy so we decided to drive to Panama to have lunch at The Back Porch because you can't go to Florida without eating there! 

Telling it like it is!

The weather finally cleared up thank goodness!
I mean are they not the cutest?! Girl pic time! 


B, the super dad! The bike rental place said they had never done this but they don't have that many triplet customers either!  

Catching some air!

Grandma time! Thank goodness for Gigi's! 

Doing a little boating!

Photo shoot time!

If they ever switch this door I will be sad!  I've taken my babies picture in front of it every year! 

Any time you can ride your bike to dinner you know it's going to be a good night!

Georges!  One of our faves!

These guys!

These boys are just too much!

Concert in the park!  Another one of our favorite things!


Breaking it down... To the ground.

Girl talk..

Love this girl so much!  She was very into her photography!

Just too cute for her own good!

Dancing with her "boyfriend"

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